YouTube Will Soon Let You Hum a Song to Find Its Name

New YouTube Feature: Find Songs by Humming or Recording

YouTube, the popular video-streaming platform, is always testing new features to enhance user experience. One of its recent experiments focuses on improving searching capabilities by allowing users to find a song even if they don’t know its name. This article will explore the new YouTube feature being tested and how it can revolutionize music discovery.

New YouTube Feature Being Tested

According to YouTube’s support page, the platform is currently testing a new feature that enables users to find a song by humming or recording it. Similar to popular apps like Shazam, this feature aims to help users identify songs even when they can’t recall the name. By tapping the mic icon next to the search bar, users can record themselves humming the song or let the app listen to the background music for over 3 seconds.

If the song is successfully recognized, users will be shown the official song content along with related videos or Shorts by other YouTube users. This feature has the potential to revolutionize music discovery by providing an easy and intuitive way to find songs without knowing their titles.

YouTube Android app

Currently, this feature is part of a test and is only available to select Android users globally. There is no information on when it will be rolled out to all users, including iOS users. Additionally, it is unclear how accurate YouTube’s song recognition algorithm is or whether it effectively identifies songs or humming sounds to provide accurate results. Further testing and user feedback are essential in refining this feature before its official release.

Alongside this exciting song recognition feature, YouTube is also testing a Channel Shelf, which organizes multiple uploads from a single creator in one place. This feature aims to make content discovery easier for users and simplify the navigation process for creators. In recent times, YouTube has been experimenting with various features, including AI-based video summaries on watch and search pages.

If you are one of the lucky Android users participating in YouTube’s latest test, take advantage of this opportunity and share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. Please note that this feature is currently available only on YouTube’s Android app.

As YouTube continues to innovate and experiment with new features, it remains a leading platform for video-based content consumption. Stay updated with the latest developments by visiting the YouTube support page regularly.