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WhatsApp’s Alternate Profile Will Help You Mask Your Identity

WhatsApp Alternative Profile Feature Coming Soon: Enhancing Privacy and Security

WhatsApp Alternative Profile Feature Coming Soon: Details

A highly anticipated new feature called ‘Alternate Profile’ is currently in development for WhatsApp. This feature, which will be accessible through the Profile menu, aims to improve privacy and security for users. With the alternate profile feature, users will be able to create a secondary profile that will be displayed to individuals who do not have permission to view their primary profile photo. Depending on the user’s privacy settings, outsiders will only see the information presented in the alternate profile, such as the profile photo and name. This allows users to control how much personal information is shared with unknown contacts and provides an extra layer of security.

WhatsApp Alternate Profile Feature
Glimpse of WhatsApp Alternate Profile Feature (Source: WABetaInfo)

The alternate profile feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who frequently receive calls or messages from unknown numbers. By displaying the alternate profile, users can maintain their privacy while still engaging in communication. Additionally, WABetaInfo speculates that the alternate profile feature may become even more useful if WhatsApp introduces usernames in the future, as it would make categorization and organization much simpler.

As of now, the exact release date for the WhatsApp alternate profile feature has not been confirmed. WABetaInfo suggests that it is currently under development and will likely be included in a future app update. In the meantime, users can explore the newly added WhatsApp Channels for other exciting features and enhancements.

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