WhatsApp for Android Will Soon Support Calls With Up To 15 People

WhatsApp for Android: New Group Call Feature

WhatsApp for Android: New Group Call Feature

WhatsApp can now start with 15 participants at once on Android

WhatsApp for Android New Group Call Feature

WhatsApp has been seeing a number of new features this year. It recently got the ability to easily send messages to unknown numbers without saving them and now, it is testing a new group call feature on Android. This comes after WhatsApp added the ability to have group calls with up to 32 people on the web. Keep reading to more about it.

Introduction to Group Call Feature on WhatsApp for Android

Based on a new WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp has started to release the ability to add up to 15 people to a group call at once on Android. This is available as part of the WhatsApp Beta for Android version update.

WhatsApp call on Android with up to 15 people

Source: WABetaInfo

As seen in the above screenshot, users will now be able to select a maximum of 15 people while creating a group call. It is not necessary for all participants to join at the same time, as they can join anytime as long as the group call stays active.

It is important to clarify that this new feature allows users to start a group call by selecting 15 participants at a time, which was previously limited to 7 participants. However, the total number of participants can still go as high as 32. For instance, if a user wants to create a new group call, they will be able to select 15 contacts who form the basis of the call, but they can still add or approve an additional 17 participants if required.

Currently, only a handful of lucky WhatsApp beta testers have been able to experience this new feature. However, a more comprehensive public rollout is expected in the near future. Users can look forward to trying out this feature and enjoy group calls with their friends or take work calls straight from their WhatsApp account.

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