Top 10 Best Loki Comic Storylines (Ranked) –

Top 10 Best Loki Comic Storylines (Ranked)

**Top 10 Loki Comic Storylines: Exploring the Marvel Universe**

– **Introduction: Exploring the World of Loki in Marvel Comics**
With the return of Loki in season 2 of the chart-breaking first season of Tom Hiddleston’s standalone series on Disney Plus, the character of Loki has gained immense popularity. However, many of us are unaware of the influence Loki has had on the Marvel Comic Universe. In this article, I will share my personal top 10 favorite Loki comic storylines, shedding light on the captivating world of Loki. Let’s dive right in!

– **10. Avengers #1: Loki’s Standoff with the Avengers**
When discussing Loki in Marvel comics, it is impossible to ignore the iconic standoff between Loki and the Avengers. This comic issue marks the first appearance of the superhero team known as the Avengers, albeit in a slightly different lineup compared to the MCU. The team in this comic consists of Ant-Man (Hank Pym), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Iron Man (Anthony Stark), Thor, and the Wasp (Janet van Dyne). The storyline revolves around Loki framing Hulk for a train wreck, leading the Avengers to join forces against the supposed threat. However, Loki’s true identity as the real enemy is later revealed, and Hulk teams up with the Avengers to confront him. Despite its age, this comic remains one of the best and is a must-read for all fans of Loki and well-crafted villains.

– **9. Siege: Asgard Under Siege**
This comic run centers around Norman Osborn’s invasion of Asgard while under the influence of Loki. The Avengers, along with Thor, attempt to thwart his plans. “Siege” serves as the culmination of multiple comic storylines, including “The House of M,” “Avengers: Disassembled,” and “Secret Invasion.” If you are not well-versed in these comics, I recommend familiarizing yourself with them before diving into this invigorating storyline.

– **8. Vote Loki: Political Satire with a Trickster Twist**
“Vote Loki” offers a satirical take on the political landscape of 2016. Loki, utilizing his trickery and deception, runs for the president of the United States. Unlike traditional superhero vs. supervillain storylines, this comic delves into a sarcastic and satirical exploration of politics. Interestingly, the Loki Variant seen in Loki Season 1 originates from this comic, adding to its significance.

– **7. Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers: Loki’s Perspective Unveiled**
If you seek a comic book that delves into Loki’s perspective, “Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers” is the ultimate destination. This captivating comic highlights the eternal conflict between Loki and Thor, but from Loki’s point of view. It sheds light on how Loki has always lived in the shadow of his brother and the lasting impact it has had on him. “Blood Brothers” provides valuable insights into the dynamic between Loki and Thor, showcasing their constant rivalry, mixed with a degree of compassion that mirrors typical sibling relationships, but with more intensity.

– **6. Frog of Thunder: Thor’s Amphibian Avatar Takes on Loki**
“Frog of Thunder” presents a unique and intriguing Loki comic storyline found in “The Mighty Thor” #364-366 or the collective volume of “The Mighty Thor, Volume 4.” In this narrative, Thor is unexpectedly transformed into a frog and finds himself battling various villains, including Loki as a prominent antagonist. Marvel comics rarely feature superheroes assuming the form of amphibians, making this comic run particularly exceptional. Fans of Loki Season 1 will also enjoy seeing this amphibian version of Thor giving Loki a challenging time.

– **5. Journey Into Mystery: Fear Itself: Kid Loki’s Anti-Hero Journey**
This Loki comic storyline portrays Kid Loki as an anti-hero, displaying a different side of the character. The story revolves around the time Thor is imprisoned by the Serpent, leading to a devastating war in Asgard between Odin and the Serpent. Kid Loki, having died and reincarnated, embarks on a mission to rescue Thor from the underworld. Kid Loki’s presence is highly cherished, both in Loki Season 1 and within the comic realm, highlighting his intriguing nature as he grapples with the choice between the right and wrong path.

– **4. Diversions and Misdirections: Loki’s Mind-Boggling Antagonism towards Thor**
In Thor #12, Loki orchestrates an intricate and villainous plot against Thor, teaming up with Hela in the process. Loki manipulates events by traveling back in time, altering key moments to gain an advantage over Thor and cause him harm. This gripping comic will keep you engrossed from cover to cover with its captivating twists and turns.

– **3. Young Avengers: Style > Substance: Loki Unites with a New Generation**
“Young Avengers: Style > Substance” follows the formation of a new team of Earth’s young heroes known as the Young Avengers. Loki, with a major villain from his past resurfacing, finds himself joining forces with these emerging heroes. As the team navigates the challenges of being teenagers while combating a significant threat, they face a unique set of internal struggles. This comic storyline offers a fresh perspective on Loki’s involvement with a new generation of superheroes.

– **2. Loki: Agent of Asgard: Loki’s Secret Missions**
“Loki: Agent of Asgard” presents a non-linear comic run, where Loki engages in various missions as a covert operative for Asgard. Each comic unveils a distinct mission ranging from infiltrating the Avengers tower to unearthing a hidden mystical sword in Asgard. This comic run is a must-read for all Loki enthusiasts, as it served as the foundation for the ideas explored in the Loki series. The encounters between Loki and his variants within this comic series add an intriguing layer of complexity, particularly for those who enjoyed Loki Season 1.

– **1. Trials of Loki: Unveiling Loki’s Complex Character**
The four-part comic issue, “Trials of Loki,” offers an insightful exploration of Loki’s character. It begins with Loki’s exile from Asgard, delving deep into his backstory and providing flashbacks that shed light on why he was banished. The comic revisits the time when Odin adopted Loki and reveals the pivotal moment when Thor’s hammer narrowly eluded Loki’s grasp. “Trials of Loki” also introduces readers to Hela, illustrating the striking similarities between her and Loki. This comic run is a must-read for fans eager to understand the intricate layers of Loki’s complex persona.

– **Conclusion: Loki Continues to Leave an Indelible Mark**
As these top 10 comic storylines demonstrate, Loki remains a compelling and influential character within the Marvel Comic Universe. From his clashes with the Avengers to his transformation into various forms, Loki consistently captivates readers with his multifaceted nature. Whether you’re a fan of the Loki series or keen to delve into Loki’s comic roots, these storylines offer a wealth of entertainment and reveal the enduring impact of this enigmatic character.

Now, armed with this knowledge of Loki’s diverse comic history, you can dive into the intricate world of Loki and truly discover the depths of his complexity. Happy reading!