This Weird Trick Makes File Explorer on Windows 11 Blazingly Fast

A Bug in Windows 11 Enhances File Explorer Performance

file explorer on windows 11

A Bug Makes File Explorer Perform Much Better

An X user (formerly Twitter) who goes by the name of VivyVCCS recently discovered a strange bug in Windows 11 that dramatically enhances the performance of File Explorer. This bug reveals that the native File Explorer has the potential to perform exceptionally fast but is hindered by recent changes and resource-intensive frameworks. In this article, we will provide you with all the available information about this bug.

Improving File Explorer Performance

According to the X user, a simple trick can significantly boost the speed of File Explorer. By pressing the “F11” key to enter and exit full-screen mode, users can experience a noticeable improvement in performance. However, it’s important to note that this trick may cause the navigation bar to break in Insider builds, suggesting that the performance degradation could be related to the new XAML-based navigation bar.

During testing on a stable Windows 11 build, the same F11 trick was used without any issues. Instead, it tremendously improved the performance of File Explorer. This trick has garnered a lot of attention and praise from users who have experienced the benefits firsthand.

Another Twitter user named Albacore also confirmed the positive impact of this trick. According to Albacore, it improves directory loading, minimizing the amount of time users have to wait for the “Working on it…” screen when navigating through high-volume directories. Albacore criticized Microsoft for not putting enough effort into cleaning old code and assets. While the XAML framework may appear to be the primary cause on the surface, Albacore believes it could be the UDK-based shell that’s negatively impacting performance.

Considering the positive impact of this bug, it is expected that Microsoft will prioritize fixing it and enhancing the overall performance of File Explorer on Windows 11. Users are eagerly awaiting these improvements, especially with the upcoming Windows 11 23H2 release. The expected release date for this update is September or October, and it is likely that Microsoft will make an official announcement at its Surface hardware event in September.