Steam Deck OLED Goes Official with a Bigger Battery, New CPU, and More –

Steam Deck OLED Goes Official with a Bigger Battery, New CPU, and More

Valve Unveils Upgraded Steam Deck with OLED Panel

Valve’s latest mid-gen refresh of the Steam Deck is making waves in the gaming world with its stunning OLED panel. The unexpected announcement has left fans in awe as Valve addresses the shortcomings of the original Steam Deck. Let’s dive into the exciting new features of the Steam Deck OLED.

The Official Announcement

The news of the Steam Deck OLED first leaked through the Gamespot RSS feed, which was soon followed by an official announcement from Valve on their YouTube and X (formerly Twitter) accounts. The announcement video showcased the new OLED screen on multiple stacked Steam Decks, generating immense excitement among gaming enthusiasts.

Impressive Upgrades

The mid-gen refresh brings significant changes, the most notable being the 90Hz OLED screen with HDR capabilities, maintaining the 1280×800 resolution of the original model. Additionally, the battery life has been improved with a slightly bigger 50Wh battery, offering better battery life. Valve has also implemented a new 6nm AMD APU, contributing to the enhanced battery life. Moreover, the new model features a better haptic system, advanced Wi-Fi supporting Wi-Fi6E, and Bluetooth 5.3. These upgrades make the Steam Deck OLED a worthy mid-gen refresh for all gaming enthusiasts.

Updated Pricing and Limited-Edition Model

With the launch of the Steam Deck OLED, Valve has modified its offerings and pricing. The 64 GB eMMc variant has been phased out and replaced by a 256 GB model with the original LCD screen. The 512GB and 1 TB models now feature the OLED display and come with hardware upgrades, with the 1 TB model offering a liner and hard case. The pricing for the Steam Deck OLED models is as follows:

  • 256 GB LCD Model: $399.00
  • 512 GB OLED Model: $549.00
  • 1 TB OLED Model: $649.00

In addition, Valve is unveiling a limited-edition 1 TB Steam Deck OLED exclusive to the US and Canada, featuring a transparent shell, a new carrying case with exclusive artwork, and a cooler system, priced at $670.

The order page for the new Steam Deck OLED is live, and sales will commence on November 16th for the US, Canada, UK, and EU. The excitement around the new Steam Deck OLED is palpable, and gaming enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating its release.

Are you considering purchasing the new Steam Deck OLED? Share your thoughts and plans for the upgraded models in the comments below.