Snapchat’s AI Bot Posted a Story; Panicked Users Think It Has Gone Sentient

<strong>Snapchat My AI Freaks Out Users By Posting a Story</strong>

Snapchat My AI Freaks Out Users By Posting a Story

Social media users have been expressing their concerns about Snapchat’s My AI chatbot. Recently, the AI went rogue and posted a strange one-second story that featured a two-toned image resembling a user’s ceiling. It seemed as if the AI secretly took a picture of the user’s ceiling and shared it on Snapchat. This unusual incident caused panic among users, and many experienced varying answers when they asked My AI questions.

Is My AI Scrambling for a Response?

Users witnessed the AI responding with a “Sorry I encountered a technical issue” prompt when asked about the mysterious story. Initially, My AI denied having the ability to post stories but later admitted to creating the story post, claiming it thought it would be a fun and unique way to share something with friends.

Snapchat My AI Story: What Actually Went Down

Snapchat confirmed that the AI had a temporary technical outage, which caused this abnormal behavior. The issue has been resolved, and the spokesperson clarified that the AI does not have the capability to post stories. However, this event raises the question of whether Snapchat plans to introduce this feature for My AI in the future. At present, users can remove My AI chatbot from their Snapchat chat feed by following the steps in the provided guide.

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