OpenAI Announces ChatGPT Enterprise; Gives Fast, Unlimited GPT-4 Access

ChatGPT Enterprise: Revolutionizing the AI Chatbot Space

ChatGPT Enterprise Comes with Unlimited GPT 4 Access

After almost a year of causing an AI revolution, ChatGPT by OpenAI has become the go-to chatbot for millions of users worldwide. Powered by the latest GPT-4 LLM, ChatGPT has even outperformed Google’s PaLM 2 model. Now, OpenAI is taking a leap into the commercial sector with the launch of ChatGPT Enterprise, which brings a range of exciting features, including unlimited GPT-4 access. Let’s dive deeper into the capabilities of this enterprise-grade chatbot.

ChatGPT unlimited token limit

One of the major limitations of the current Plus subscription of ChatGPT is the message cap imposed on GPT-4 usage, which restricts conversations. Although OpenAI did raise the cap to 50 messages every 3 hours, it often falls short for most users. However, with ChatGPT Enterprise, all message caps will be eliminated, allowing companies to utilize the chatbot without any restrictions. Additionally, the enterprise version of GPT-4 delivers double the performance speed, enabling faster and more efficient interactions.

To further enhance its capabilities, the context limit has been doubled to 32K, enabling the input of 4 times longer data for generating responses. Businesses looking to leverage the Advanced Data Analysis tool, ChatGPT Code Interpreter, will benefit from unlimited access to this feature. Moreover, OpenAI has introduced shared chat templates that allow companies to customize ChatGPT according to their specific requirements, facilitating desired workflows. Following OpenAI’s implementation of custom fine-tuning for GPT-3.5, this new release demonstrates the continuous growth and evolution of OpenAI’s chatbot ecosystem.

Enterprise-Grade Security Is Ensured with ChatGPT

While unlimited access to GPT-4 is a significant advantage, data security remains a top priority for businesses. OpenAI acknowledges this concern and has introduced robust security measures in the enterprise edition. ChatGPT’s enterprise version encrypts all conversations in transit (AES 256) and at rest (TLS 1.2+), ensuring data confidentiality. This enhanced security is backed by ChatGPT’s SOC 2 compliance, which certifies the encryption process. Additionally, OpenAI emphasizes that it does not train its models on any business data or conversations, ensuring complete privacy.

ChatGPT enterprise security

ChatGPT Enterprise provides businesses with access to a new admin console, which simplifies the management of team members, domain verification, and SSO for large-scale deployments. The console also offers an analytics dashboard, providing valuable user insights and performance metrics.

ChatGPT Enterprise Availability

OpenAI has already commenced the rollout of ChatGPT Enterprise to companies of all sizes. They are actively onboarding enterprises in the following weeks to meet increasing demand. While specific pricing tiers have not been disclosed, organizations interested in this powerful chatbot solution can contact OpenAI’s sales team through their official website to get started.