One Piece Anime Gets a New Ending Song; Check it Out!

One Piece Anime Brings a Brand New Ending Theme After a 17-Year-Long Hiatus

One Piece Anime Brings a Brand New Ending Theme After a 17-Year-Long Hiatus

One Piece - new ending song

Did you know that the last time One Piece anime had an ending theme was back in 2006? Yeah! It is indeed true, which many of us might have overlooked during our binge session of One Piece. The last ending song was Ending 18 – Adventure World by Delicatessen. After a 17-year-long hiatus, we have got a new ending theme in the anime. This ending song is extra special, as it aired along with the Gear 5 episode. That said, let’s learn more about the new One Piece ending theme and the voices behind it.

For unknown reasons, the One Piece anime production team decided to scrap the idea of using ending themes back in 2006.

We recently covered the greatest anime openings in One Piece but there was a missing piece, as there were no ending songs. Ever since that year, One Piece fans have been waiting for an all-new ending theme song. Now, after nearly two decades, that wait was finally over as Episode 1071, which showed off Luffy’s Gear 5 technique.

The brand new ending 19 song in One Piece is “Raise” by Chilli Beans, and has been featured in the Luffy Gear 5 episode that aired on August 6, 2023 (Sunday). This song is part of the band’s upcoming fourth EP titled “for you,” which releases on August 9, 2023.

Chilli Beans is one of the favorite bands of none other than our creator Eiichiro Oda. This makes the new ending even more special, as the personal favorite band of Oda is lending their voice for a One Piece ending song. As a result, this new ending song of One Piece turned out to be so good and uplifting. Check out the latest ending theme here.

And that’s a wrap to our quick One Piece ending theme news piece. We enjoyed the return of the theme very much and wanted you, the fans, to give it a listen as well. It brought a big smile to our faces, and it was really a dream come true moment to see a new ending song after waiting all these years. So, did you like the all-new ending song in One Piece? Let us know in the comments below.