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Windows 11 Developer Channel and Canary Channel Updates: Everything You Need to Know

Windows 11 Developer Channel Build 23511: Details

Microsoft has recently rolled out some significant updates for users on the Developer Build and Canary Build of Windows 11. These updates bring exciting improvements and enhancements to the overall user experience. In this article, we will dive into the details of the latest updates for both channels.

Visual Overhaul of Windows Spotlight

The most noteworthy update in the Developer Channel Build 23511 is the visual overhaul of Windows Spotlight. The changes include a more streamlined interface that consolidates all necessary information into a single window. Users can now enjoy full-screen image previews, access detailed information about individual images, and experience a new minimized window view. Windows Spotlight can be launched either by right-clicking on the Spotlight icon on the desktop or by double-clicking to directly visit a Bing landing page with image details.

Improved Notifications

In terms of notifications, the Developer Channel Build 23511 introduces a new Notification Bell icon. Instead of simply showing the number of notifications, this icon provides a visual cue. It fills up with your system accent color when there are pending notifications and remains empty when there are none. Additionally, users will now receive a pop-up notification if the camera stops working unexpectedly. The pop-up window guides users through troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

Enhanced Snap Layout

The latest update has also addressed the Snap Layout feature. A fix has been implemented to prevent the layout suggestions from being turned off. This improvement allows users to easily split the screen for multitasking and maximize productivity by precisely splitting the screen between multiple apps.

Comprehensive Previews for Pro and Enterprise Users

Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise users will find a more comprehensive preview experience when hovering over files, such as Word documents and Excel sheets. This enhancement is available under the Recommendations section. Along with these highlights, several small changes and bug fixes have been implemented. For a detailed overview of what has changed, you can refer to the official Microsoft Dev Channel blog.

Windows 11 Canary Channel Build 25915: Details

Unlike the Dev Channel build update, the Windows 11 Canary Channel Build 25915 does not introduce any major feature updates. Instead, it imports all the features and improvements from the Dev Channel, such as the new Details Pane, enhancements to Passkeys, new Taskbar features, and more. The only notable feature update in this build is the transformation of the new Outlook for Windows Preview into an inbox app.

Improved Refresh Rate and Network Connectivity

Users on Windows 11 Canary Channel Build 25915 can expect an improved refresh rate and dynamic refresh rate switching. Additionally, network connectivity and stability while using Ethernet have been enhanced. ASUS laptop users who encountered motherboard issues will find that these problems have been addressed. Furthermore, developers can benefit from numerous fixes and improvements. For more detailed information, visit the official Microsoft Canary Build blog.

If you are currently using the Developer Channel or the Canary Channel, make sure to update your Windows 11 laptop or PC to take advantage of these new updates. We would love to hear about your experience with these latest enhancements, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.