New Microsoft Edge Update Will Remove These 5 Features

Microsoft Edge Removes Five Features in Latest Update

Which Microsoft Edge Features Are Going Away?

Microsoft has recently announced that it will be removing several features from its Edge browser in the upcoming update, version 117. The following features will no longer be available:

  • Math Solver
  • Picture Dictionary
  • Citations
  • Grammar Tools
  • Kids Mode

While these features may have been useful to some users, they were cluttering the “More Tools” menu of the browser. Microsoft has made the decision to remove them in order to enhance the overall user experience and simplify the menu.

The Edge 117 update is currently in the final testing stage and is expected to be rolled out to the public next month. reports that the stable channel release is planned for the second to third week of September 2023.

Upcoming Microsoft Edge update will remove 5 features
Beta Channel v117.0.2045.9 Release Notes

In addition to the removal of these features, Microsoft is introducing ‘Smart Find’ as part of its AI toolkit. This feature will enhance the search capabilities within the Edge browser, allowing users to find specific words or phrases on a webpage more efficiently by including related matches.

The update also includes improvements to the ‘Microsoft Edge for Business’ feature, among other changes. For more detailed information about the update, you can refer to the full release notes provided in the sources below.

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What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s decision to remove these features from the Edge browser? Will you miss any of them? Let us know in the comments below!