iPhone with ‘Zero’ Bezels Could Be in the Works

A Revolutionary Step: A No-Bezel iPhone Could Launch Soon

Exciting news for Apple enthusiasts! A leak has surfaced about a future iPhone that could potentially have no bezel and no notch, providing an immersive display experience like never before. Let’s delve into the details:

Collaboration with Samsung and LG

Rumors suggest that Apple has partnered with industry giants Samsung and LG to develop OLED displays without any bezels. This information has been supported by trusted tipster Ice Universe and The Elec.

For this no-bezel iPhone to become a reality, certain technological advancements are required. Thin-film encapsulation, which protects the screen from moisture, needs improvement. Additionally, the under-panel camera (UPC) technology, as seen in Samsung’s foldable phones, must be refined. The design must also consider the antenna space and display circuits to achieve the desired bezel-less effect.

Apple aims to combine the zero-bezel display with a flat-edge design, deviating from the trend of curved screens. While a curved screen might have made the implementation easier, Apple’s decision allows for the elimination of the functional notch, known as the Dynamic Island. This exciting development promises a fresh and immersive user experience, especially for users who have not been fans of Apple’s previous notches. Moreover, the iPhone is expected to feature a stunning full-glass body.

However, eliminating bezels presents technical challenges, particularly in ensuring the durability and stability of a full-glass chassis. Apple’s expertise will be put to the test as it endeavors to conquer this challenge. In the meantime, we might see the bezels become thinner in the rumored iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Past endeavors in the smartphone industry have aimed to achieve a bezel-less design. Xiaomi introduced a concept phone with an 88-degree quad-curved waterfall display, which completely covered the phone’s frame. Unfortunately, this concept never materialized as a final product. Apple, on the other hand, could potentially be the company to successfully bring a commercially available no-bezel phone to the market.

While it is essential to approach these details with caution, as no official announcements have been made, Apple’s potential venture into the realm of zero-bezel iPhones is undoubtedly an exciting prospect. Be sure to keep an eye out for any future developments. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on the possibility of a no-bezel iPhone in the comments below!