Intel 14th Gen Desktop CPU Lineup Specs Revealed In New Leak

Intel 14th Gen Desktop CPU Lineup Specifications Leaked

The specifications of Intel’s upcoming 14th-gen desktop CPU lineup have been leaked, providing crucial information about these highly anticipated processors. The leak, originally shared by hardware leaker YuuKi_AnS on X, reveals the complete lineup, ranging from the budget-friendly Core i3-14100 to the flagship Core i9-14900K. Additionally, there are indications that the prices of these new desktop Intel chips may increase. Let’s delve into the details.

Leaked Specifications

The leak offers insights into the specifications of the upcoming Intel 14th-gen desktop CPUs. While the leak primarily focuses on base clock speeds and doesn’t provide significant improvements in total core counts, there is an exception with the i7-14700K. According to the leak, this particular i7 desktop processor will feature 8 performance cores and 12 efficiency cores. This increase in core count sets it apart from the other processors in the lineup.

Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh Desktop CPU Lineup Specifications
Image Courtesy: YuuKi_AnS

Furthermore, the leak also mentions a new Intel 300 and 3005 processor, which will replace the entry-level Pentium Gold and Celeron CPUs previously offered by Intel. Although this leaked information is from an unofficial source, it provides insights into Intel’s plans for the entry-level CPU market.

It’s important to note that Intel has not officially confirmed these specifications. However, these leaked details enable us to anticipate the potential capabilities and features of the 14th-gen CPUs.

Potential Rebranding

In addition to the leaked specifications, there are rumors of an impending rebranding for future Intel processors. This rebranding involves removing the ‘i’ from the Intel Core CPU branding. Although these leaked specs don’t reflect the name change, there is a possibility that Intel will modify the processor model names to align with the new branding. For instance, the rumored Core i9-14900K processor could become Intel Core Ultra 9 14900K if the rebranding unfolds.

New Branding For Intel Core Ultra Flagship CPUs
Will Intel switch to their new branding for 14th Gen desktop processors?

To get a comprehensive overview of the Intel 14th Gen CPUs, you can explore our detailed guide that covers potential release dates and leaked benchmarks for both the Meteor Lake and Raptor Lake S Refresh processors. We aim to keep you informed about all the significant updates concerning these highly anticipated desktop CPUs.

Now, we would love to hear your thoughts on Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen desktop processors. Feel free to share your opinions on these leaked specifications in the comments section below.

Featured Image Courtesy: Intel 11th Gen Core i9 Processor