Instagram Threads Might Launch On The Web Soon

Instagram Threads Web App: The Future of Messaging?


Instagram launched its Threads app, aiming to provide users with a Twitter-like experience. Since its release, Threads has gained over 100 million active users. To keep the app innovative, Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has been continuously updating it with new features for iOS users. Now, there are rumors that a web app version of Threads is on the horizon. Read on to find out more.

Threads Web App Coming Soon?

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, revealed that the Instagram team is actively working on bringing Threads support to Mac and Windows. Currently, Threads does not have a web version, which has raised concerns among users. Some users have highlighted that Meta has blocked the accessibility of the iOS version of Threads on Mac, limiting the functionality of Apple Silicon-based Macs. Despite attempts to create a smooth experience, bringing Threads to the web is not currently a top priority for the development team.

Confirmation of Instagram Web app

While the possibility of a web app version remains uncertain, Meta continues to update Threads with new features. One recent addition is the “Following” tab. This tab allows users to view posts in chronological order from the people they follow. It is worth noting that the Following tab is not intended to replace the main Threads UI; rather, it is an additional feature. To access the Following tab, users need to tap either the Home button on the bottom toolbar or the Threads icon at the top. Currently, this feature is still rolling out gradually.

Enjoying Threads in the Meantime

While waiting for the potential release of a web app version, users are encouraged to make the most out of the Threads iOS app. Stay updated with the latest feature releases, which are designed to enhance your overall experience on the app. Keep an eye out for the availability of the Following tab and share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.