Honor Wants You to Use Its New Foldable Phone Like a “Purse”

Honor V Purse: Where Fashion Meets Technology

At IFA Berlin 2023, Honor, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, introduced two innovative foldable smartphones. One of them is a competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5, while the other aims to combine fashion with technology. The Honor V Purse, a concept phone designed with Red Border by TIME Magazine, is not only a style statement but also an extravagant fashion accessory that pushes the boundaries of smartphone design and functionality.

The Unique Design of Honor V Purse

Unlike traditional foldable smartphones that fold inward, the Honor V Purse features a single outward folding display, reminiscent of Huawei’s Mate X foldable phone from 2019. This design choice, inspired by Red Border’s philosophy of bold and daring ideas, sets this smartphone apart from the crowd.

Honor takes advantage of the foldable display by incorporating interactive Always On Display (AOD) wallpapers that mimic the appearance of a handbag or purse. This “phy-digital fashion statement” allows users to express their personal style and change the look and feel of their device every day.

The Versatility and Functionality of Honor V Purse

When unfolded, the Honor V Purse functions like a regular foldable smartphone. However, when folded, it transforms into a unique “bar” phone. The device comes with interchangeable straps and chains that attach to the built-in clasps on the hinge, allowing users to customize their phone’s appearance.

Along with its stylish design, the Honor V Purse also features a dual rear-camera system and serves as a handrest for added convenience while holding the device. Both sides of the foldable display support the interactive AOD wallpapers, offering users the flexibility to choose their preferred side or even use two different AOD styles for each half.

Interactive AODs for a Captivating Experience

One of the highlights of the Honor V Purse is its collection of interactive AODs. These wallpapers bring life to the device and enhance user interaction. For instance, there is a furry background that responds to touch, providing a tactile sensation similar to petting an animal.

The “Phy-gital Purse” AOD utilizes the on-device gyroscope to simulate the movement of trinkets attached to a purse’s wallpaper. These digital trinkets serve as convenient shortcuts, allowing users to launch apps or specific commands with a simple tap. For example, tapping the camera trinket opens the primary camera app, while tapping the chat symbol takes users directly to their messaging app.

Additionally, the Honor V Purse offers custom AOD designs and styles created in collaboration with renowned designers such as Bram Van Diepen from Burberry menswear, contemporary artist Yunuene Esparza, Dean Yuan Youmin from the China Academy of Art International College, and interdisciplinary artist Xiao Hui Wang. This partnership elevates the device’s fashion-forward aesthetic and offers users a range of unique and exclusive designs.

Practicality Concerns and Future Outlook

Although the Honor V Purse presents itself as a fusion of fashion and technology, there are practical concerns that cannot be overlooked. Firstly, the term “Purse” in the name might mislead users into thinking they can use the device as an actual handbag, which is not the case. It is primarily a smartphone with a fashionable twist.

Furthermore, the outward folding design of the Honor V Purse raises questions about its practicality in daily use. While it may be suitable for fashion events or showcasing one’s unique smartphone, the potential risks associated with carrying a valuable and fragile device in a dangling position are a cause for caution.

The exposed nature of the foldable display makes the device susceptible to damage from accidental encounters with rough surfaces. Additionally, the durability and reliability of the straps and hinges could be a concern, as they are crucial for the overall functionality and safety of the device.

Considering these factors, if Honor decides to release the V Purse commercially in the future, it would likely be more of a novelty item appealing to enthusiasts rather than a practical choice for everyday users. For those seeking a seamless blend of fashion and technology, alternative options such as the Nothing Phone (2) may offer a more practical solution.

As we enter the year 2023, the world of foldable smartphones is evolving, with new players like Google entering the market. Brands like Honor, unafraid to challenge conventional norms, present us with exciting innovations like the Honor V Purse. This concept device is a testament to the power of collaboration and a creative approach to technology. It pushes the boundaries of what a smartphone can be, even if it remains a concept for now.

Ultimately, the Honor V Purse opens up new possibilities for fashion-forward individuals who want to make a unique statement with their smartphone, showcasing the intersection of fashion and technology in a bold and daring way.