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Epic Games Finally Responds to Fortnite’s Skin Restrictions

Fortnite v28.00 Update: Epic Games Addresses Skin Restrictions

When Epic Games released the highly-anticipated OG update, it was met with a wave of positive reception and intense interest from players. However, the game faced a significant setback a couple of weeks ago when it disabled numerous in-game skins, dividing the fanbase. After leaving players in limbo for a few days, Epic Games has finally shared some news regarding the controversial update.

Epic Games Responds to Fortnite’s Skin Restrictions

The news came through the official Fortnite X account on Twitter, confirming that the cosmetic gating will be turned off for most skins. This temporary relief will be in effect until a permanent solution is found and will launch with the upcoming v28.00 update scheduled for December 3, 2023.

The announcement on the official website provided further clarification on the status. However, Epic Games claims they were conservative in reviewing cosmetics and the impact on the game’s rating. As a result, they will be re-evaluating every cosmetic after the December 3 update, with fewer than ten existing skins remaining playable on T-rated islands.

The recent “Islands Age Ratings” update of Fortnite restricted over 360+ skins in-game, affecting access to items and islands based on age ratings. This led to a backlash from the fanbase, with some starting a petition on Change.org, currently with 5,500 signatures.

Players are now eagerly awaiting the December 3 update to see the changes in the skin restrictions in-game and are hoping for a solution such as a parental toggle from Epic Games.

With Epic Games having recently laid off around 800 workers, the community is hoping for a swift and effective resolution to the skin restrictions.

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