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Discord Will Soon Have Disappearing Download Links

Discord to Say Goodbye to Permanent Download Links

The End of Permanent Download Links on Discord

Discord, the widely used gaming and messaging platform, has made a significant announcement that is set to change the way users share and access files on the platform. The company has confirmed that it will be transitioning from permanent download links to temporary links, a move that aims to enhance security and privacy for its community of users.

Discord’s Switch to Temporary File Links

In a statement to BleepingComputer, Discord has revealed that all file links hosted on its servers will automatically vanish after 24 hours. This change is part of the platform’s efforts to combat the spread of malware via its content delivery network (CDN).

Users who currently rely on Discord for storing permanent download links will need to seek alternative options as the platform makes this transition. However, it must be noted that there will be no impact on sharing links within the Discord client, as the links will be automatically refreshed.

Creating a Safer and More Private Environment

The move to implement temporary file links is in line with Discord’s commitment to curbing the delivery of malware by malicious actors on its platform. By introducing this change, Discord aims to build a safer and more private environment for its users and prevent the misuse of its CDN. Although this change may present an inconvenience for some users, it ultimately serves to enhance the security of the platform.

Discord has assured that developers will be minimally impacted by the transition, and the company will work closely with the community to facilitate this process. More details regarding the rollout of these changes will be shared with developers in the coming weeks.

Understanding the Transition

Following the implementation of this change, CDN links will come with expiration timestamps and labels, ensuring that they remain valid until the specified expiry time. It is important to note that while these changes are being planned, the full rollout has not yet commenced. Links shared outside of Discord servers will expire once the authentication enforcement changes are put in place.

As Discord prepares to make these significant changes, it is essential for users to consider alternative methods for sharing and accessing files through the platform. The new system, which is scheduled to be implemented by the end of the year, will represent a pivotal shift in the way Discord handles file links.

Share Your Thoughts

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