Cherry’s New MX2A Keyboard Switch Introduced; Rated For 100 Million Clicks

Introducing the Revolutionary Cherry MX2A Mechanical Switch

Cherry, the renowned manufacturer of mechanical keyboard switches, has recently unveiled its latest innovation – the MX2A Switch. This groundbreaking switch is poised to revolutionize the gaming keyboard industry. In this article, we will delve into the intricate details of the Cherry MX2A switch and explore why it stands apart from its predecessors.

The Cherry MX2A Keyboard Switch: A New Era in Mechanical Switches

The Cherry MX2A mechanical keyboard switch represents a paradigm shift in the world of mechanical switches. It encompasses a meticulously engineered precise ring lubrication system that sets it apart from conventional switches. This innovative system ensures long-term usage with its unique oil-based lubricant, providing unparalleled smoothness during actuation even after millions of keystrokes. Additionally, the Cherry MX2A is designed to offer silent keypresses, guaranteeing a seamless typing experience.

Unmatched Durability and Performance

Cherry understands the demands of keyboard enthusiasts and has gone the extra mile to deliver exceptional quality and durability. The Cherry MX2A switch boasts genuine gold contacts, ensuring optimal durability and electricity transmission. Moreover, its updated spring, stem, and socket dome design make it more resilient and long-lasting than ever before. The introduction of a barrel-shaped spring design has significantly enhanced its ability to withstand rapid keystrokes while maintaining dimensional integrity. The near-contactless movement of the MX2A springs ensures an ultra-smooth actuation, devoid of any scratchy sensation that some mechanical keyboards may exhibit.

The MX2A switch also features a convex dome in the bottom housing section, meticulously designed to enhance the sliding properties of the entire structure. The stem incorporates six ribs, known as the “crown,” facilitating perfect centering of the spring design. This wobble-free construction translates into highly consistent and reliable keypresses.

Compatibility and Pricing

The Cherry MX2A mechanical keyboard switch is fully compatible with the XTRFY K5V2 keyboard, which has been specifically crafted to optimize the performance of these switches. The XTRFY K5V2, priced at $149.99 (~Rs 12,300), delivers an exceptional typing experience, further elevating the MX2A’s capabilities. It is worth noting that Cherry’s commitment to compatibility ensures that their switches can be integrated seamlessly into a wide range of mechanical keyboards.

In Conclusion

The Cherry MX2A mechanical switch is a testament to Cherry’s relentless pursuit of excellence in the gaming keyboard industry. With its innovative lubrication system, exceptional durability, and enhanced performance, it sets a new benchmark for mechanical switches. If you are looking to upgrade your gaming experience or simply want to enjoy a superior typing experience, the Cherry MX2A switch is undoubtedly the perfect choice.

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