Apple to Use Graphene Thermal System on iPhone 16 Series to Overcome Overheating Issues –

Apple to Use Graphene Thermal System on iPhone 16 Series to Overcome Overheating Issues

Apple Rumored to Introduce ‘Graphene Thermal System’ in iPhone 16 Series to Tackle Overheating Issues

Ever since the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, users have been experiencing overheating problems globally. Despite being equipped with Appleā€™s first 3nm A17 Pro chipset, these models still struggle with overheating, particularly when running intensive games or performing basic daily tasks. Apple’s flagship models lack proper heat dissipation solutions, and even controversial reports suggest that the company blamed poorly optimized software for causing the overheating issues and released a software fix. However, it appears that a mere software update may not be sufficient without a suitable cooling solution. Recent rumors about the “iPhone 16” indicate that Apple is developing a new ‘graphene thermal system’ to address these persistent overheating problems.

Will ‘Graphene Thermal System’ be the Solution?

According to reports, Apple is also considering incorporating a metal shell surrounding the battery as part of the graphene thermal system in its iPhone 16 series. Earlier, there were speculations about Apple exploring the potential of adding liquid vapor cooling to future iPhones. A new rumor suggests that Apple is now actively working on the graphene thermal system for its upcoming iPhone 16 series. The Korean tech leaker “Kosutami” tweeted about Apple’s endeavor to introduce the graphene thermal system and replacing the battery of the Pro series with a metal shell to address the persistent heating problem.

Other Brands Using Graphene for Heat Dissipation

Several smartphone manufacturers, including Google, have started using graphene films to dissipate heat, with the latest Pixel 8 and 8 Pro models being prime examples. Despite these efforts, reports indicate that they have done little to resolve the overheating issues. Therefore, Apple’s potential use of a metal shell surrounding the battery on the iPhone 16 seems to be a strategic move in addressing this problem effectively.

As the iPhone 15 Pro series continues to face criticism for overheating, Apple is likely to explore every possible avenue to address this issue. While it remains to be seen whether the iPhone 16 series will integrate the graphene thermal system, it is evident that Apple is determined to overcome the persistent overheating problems that have plagued its recent models.