Apple Might Launch AirTag 2 Next Year, Says Kuo

AirTag 2 Launch Expected Soon: Integration with Apple’s Vision Pro


Apple introduced its first tracking device, AirTag, back in 2021 and it seems like the tech giant is planning to launch its successor soon. According to popular analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will start mass-producing the second-generation AirTag in Q4 2023, potentially leading to a launch in 2024. This article explores the expected features and integration of AirTag 2 with Apple’s Vision Pro, its first-ever mixed-reality headset.

AirTag 2 Launch and Integration with Vision Pro

It is predicted that Apple’s AirTag 2 will be integrated with the Vision Pro, aligning with Apple’s vision of spatial computing. Ming-Chi Kuo states, “I believe that spatial computing is a new ecosystem that Apple wants to build, using Vision Pro as the core to integrate other devices, including AirTag 2.

While there is no specific information on how this integration will occur, rumors suggest that Apple is working on creating an ecosystem where the Vision Pro works seamlessly with other Apple products, such as the iPhone 15 and future AirPods.

Enhanced Features and Improvements

Apart from the integration with Vision Pro, the AirTag 2 is expected to come with other enhanced features and improvements. Although specific details are scarce, we can anticipate an upgraded UW1 chip, improved battery life, and various other enhancements.

These expectations follow Ming-Chi Kuo’s hints last year about the next-generation AirTag and the growing demand for the first-generation device. Despite facing backlash over user privacy concerns, the first-gen AirTag continued to attract users, highlighting the need for a more advanced and capable successor.

Waiting for Official Confirmation

As Apple has not officially announced the details of the AirTag 2, it is essential to treat the aforementioned information as rumors. We will provide updates as soon as more substantial information becomes available. Feel free to share your thoughts and expectations about the AirTag 2 in the comments below.

Featured Image: AirTag (First-Gen)