Apple Introduces New iCloud+ Plans with 6TB and 12TB Storage

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New iCloud+ Plans Introduced

As announced during the iPhone 15 launch event, Apple has now introduced new iCloud+ plans, which provide more storage options to users. Among these new plans, the 6TB and 12TB storage options are particularly interesting for content creators who need to back up a large amount of data.

The new 6TB iCloud+ plan is priced at Rs 2,999 per month, while the 12TB plan will cost you Rs 5,900 per month. These plans can also be shared with up to 5 other members, making them suitable for families or teams with multiple iOS devices. Alongside the new plans, Apple continues to offer the existing 2TB, 200GB, and 50GB plans, priced at Rs 749, Rs 219, and Rs 75 per month, respectively.

iCloud+ plans

If you are unfamiliar with iCloud+, it is a cloud storage service provided by Apple that allows you to store and back up your photos, files, and other data. In addition to storage, iCloud+ offers various additional features, such as iCloud Privacy Relay for secure web browsing. To learn more about iCloud+ and its features, you can check out our article “What is iCloud+?” and “What is Apple iCloud Private Relay?”. Other features of iCloud+ include Hide My Email and custom email domain options, as well as support for HomeKit Secure Video (limited to 5 cameras for the 6TB and 12TB plans and 1 camera for the 50GB plan).

If you are interested in purchasing one of the new iCloud+ plans, you can easily do so by heading to the Settings on your iOS device, selecting the iCloud option, and choosing the plan that suits your needs. For a comprehensive guide on backing up your data on an iPhone or iPad, you can refer to our article “How to Back Up Your iPhone: A Complete Guide”. We would love to hear from you if you are planning to opt for any of the new iCloud+ plans, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!