Airtel Introduces Xstream AirFiber, a Wireless Home Internet Service in India

Airtel Xstream AirFiber: India’s First Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Service

Airtel Xstream AirFiber: Details

Airtel has recently launched its Xstream AirFiber service in India, making it the first fixed wireless access (FWA) service in the country. This innovative offering, based on Airtel 5G Plus technology, aims to provide a seamless wireless Wi-Fi experience, particularly in rural areas. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting new service.

Introducing Airtel Xstream AirFiber

The Airtel Xstream AirFiber is a portable device that grants users access to wireless internet. It is incredibly easy to set up – all you need to do is purchase the Xstream AirFiber device, download the Xstream AirFiber app, and pair your devices with it. The app allows for hassle-free management, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Equipped with inbuilt Wi-Fi 6 technology, the Xstream AirFiber device delivers enhanced speeds and coverage. Compared to Wi-Fi 5-based routers, it offers approximately 50% faster speeds. Moreover, the device can connect up to 64 devices simultaneously without consuming excessive power.

Airtel Xstream AirFiber

“India has seen rapid growth in home broadband, but there are still areas with no access to high-speed internet due to the challenges of laying fiber in a country as vast as India,” stated Shashwat Sharma, Director of Consumer Business at Bharti Airtel. “While fiber to the home provides the best Wi-Fi experience, AirFiber bridges the gap for everyone else.”

Pricing and Availability

Airtel offers the Xstream AirFiber service at a monthly price of Rs 799, which includes speeds of up to 100Mbps. Users also have the option to purchase a six-month plan for Rs 4,794 (discounted price of Rs 4,435). Additionally, there is a refundable security deposit of Rs 2,500.

Currently, the service is available in Delhi and Mumbai, with plans to expand to more regions in the near future. If you reside in either of these cities, you can visit the nearest Airtel store to make your purchase. For more information about Airtel Xstream AirFiber, visit We would love to hear your thoughts on Airtel’s wireless Wi-Fi solution in the comments below.