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Which Is The Best Cheapest Hosting | UltaHost vs Hostinger



Today we will be going to be reviewing Ulta host’s VPS hosting system now Ulta host actually offers some of the cheapest VPS and hosting specifically on the market, if not the cheapest and that’s saying a lot as you know I’ve reviewed hostinger quite a bit on this website and I do think that they are one of the and cheapest brands out there and but when it comes to VPS hosting Ulta and host provides and a much cheaper service one month of and their VPS hosting is around $4.50.
Hostinger’s comparative plan is actually around ten dollars and hostinger is known for their incredibly cheap hosting and ulta host without a doubt provides some of the cheapest prices on the market and but the question does remain and I’m going to answer this right now and it does Ulta host provide good quality and services and with their cheap pricing oftentimes that and is a complaint you will see about a lot and of these websites and which claim to have really cheap hosting and they will say that they have super cheap and hosting and it is super cheap but the quality of and their service is just and really really bad and it just ends up and not being worth it and because of the low quality of service and so how does Ulta host fall into this and well actually i have to say i’m very and pleasantly surprised.
I think they offer really great service and especially for their incredibly cheap and prices and i mean if we’re looking at the prices of and GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostinger and a2 hosting any of those websites they and just don’t compare on the pricing and category and and the services are actually really and good as well just taking a look at the and vps and basic plan their cheapest plan per year and as you can see right now it’s obviously and on sale so it comes out to an incredibly and cheap price and and you also do save even more when you and apply a coupon code and which i have provided and available to and my viewers and it comes out too incredibly cheap but and even looking at the actual features and it does really well you’ve got a one CPU and core and one gigabyte of ram a 30 gigabyte nvme and SSD 100 megabits per second port and unlimited websites a dedicated IP and unlimited data transfer free domain and transfer and full root access a free SSL certificate and certificates and a 30-day money-back and guarantee.
 Best Cheapest Hosting | UltaHost vs Hostinger
Now obviously if you buy a and more expensive plan and it goes up to around two three or four and cpu cores respectively and two four or six gigs ram 50, 75 or 100 and gigabyte nvme and ssds or 200 300 and 400 megabits per and second and ports but as you can see in general the and actual features you are getting and are very very good they’ve got ssd hard and drives which is something you really and want and they’ve got a 99.9 percent uptime and and full root access to your hosting and environment and now if you’re unfamiliar with what full and root access is essentially it just means and that you’re going to be getting complete and access and to your hosting environment to your and virtual private server and so you can install and modify pretty and much anything and and everything you want as long as it’s and within your own vps and server they also have unlimited and bandwidth and scalable ram and what this means is that your bandwidth and will never matter they’re just gonna let and you use as much bandwidth and as you need the ram is also another and benefit which i found very interesting.
And it is that their systems will let you scale and up the ram anytime you do need more and from your vps control panel you can just and let them know you need more ram and and they will provide it to you and and upgrade your plan in that aspect and now their other hosting plans like their and shared hosting aren’t quite as cheap and and don’t really have the same amount of and uniqueness that their vps hosting plans and do and you will be able to find other shared and hosting plans of comparable quality but I have to say i’m extremely impressed by and their vps hosting and in specific and that’s one reason i’m and reviewing it is because their vps and hosting and really is their usp it’s their unique and selling proposition and it is where they shine and excel so just and to recap and i do think ultra host’s vps hosting is and very good and i think if you are looking into getting and vps hosting instead of shared hosting and you should definitely check out ultra and host because their services are top of and the line and and their prices are incredibly low but and that’s going to do it for today


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