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Which Is The Best WooCommerce Hosting (2022)?



You could say that the woocommerce plugin is probably one of the most well-known plugins out there it’s been downloaded over 80 million times and it’s loved by online business owners and is run by the same people behind wordpress but if you haven’t heard of it and woocommerce is a free eCommerce plugin and designed for WordPress and in order to run it all you need is a and hosting service and a WordPress site the and plugin basically transforms your typical and WordPress site into a veritable and e-commerce machine and that’s exactly and why I have hosting area as one of the and best examples for woocommerce hosting and since the plugin receives so much praise and everyone wants to use it.

As a result and a lot of hosts claim that they offer the and best wordpress woocommerce hosting so it and can be difficult to figure out who’s and telling you the truth and who’s using and the plugins popularity as a marketing and strategy and now hostinger is exactly what you’re and looking for if you’re looking for the and overall best woocommerce hosting and hostinger snags the top spot as it’s one and of the cheapest woocommerce hosting and services from around because you can and start with as little as 3.99 a month but and of course be sure to check the link in and the description down below if you’d like and a little bit of a discount and if you’d and like to learn more about hosting or you and also find a full review but moving on and you get managed wordpress hosting along and with very generous resources and and features plus it’s solid performance and with and nearly 100 uptime and really fast and response time it’s certainly something and to consider because if we take a look at and the hostinger uptime monitoring right.

Here or the monitor and now this is pretty much from november and 2021 until august 2022 and as you can and tell we’ve had some 100 here uh march and february so four months out of one two and three four five six seven eight nine and and ten months um and for the rest you’ve and got 99.99 which is also as good as it and gets really and 99.70 and 99.96 90 and 8.7 could be better but and certainly amongst the top five web and hosting services out there now the and response time could be better but this and is certainly still very good performance and woocommerce is available on all of and hostinger’s share plans but the provider and does have dedicated woocommerce plans and right here as you can tell who started and woo premium and woo business and but you can definitely go with even and cheaper options but of course you want and to keep in mind that some things will be and missing such as cdn from the starter and plan right here you won’t be getting a and free domain and you won’t be getting the and wordpress staging tool.

Best WooCommerce Hosting 2022

So you will have to upgrade to something like the business share plan in order to get all of these but if you switch to the woocommerce dedicated plans especially if you have all your assets and business and ideas in mind you just want to start up and the website and have the online store and running as soon as possible with uh and pretty good resources here to back you and up you probably want to go with the uh and woocommerce dedicated plans so probably and woo premium or woo business and if you and want to play your cards on a budget you and can start with the wu starter but I recommend that you start at least with and the woo premium there is a 30-day money and back guarantee at the end of the day and it has really good customer support so you can and definitely talk to them in order to and optimize and make sure that your online and store is running as soon as possible and using all of the tools at hand.

So you’ve and got generous resources the full stack of and security measures including free ssl and certificates weekly and daily backups and web application and firewall and distributed denial of and service protection and of course with and regards to resources and bandwidth uh and the bigger the plan the more the and resources as you can tell 100 100 1024 and with ram and one cpu core but as you and climb up it nearly doubles up everything and so even more than double the websites and double up the and ssd storage they all have unlimited and plans but you get much more with the ram and and double the cpu cores and you even and almost double it up with the woo and business except that the storage is just and an extra 50 gigabytes but for most and people this should be plenty and of and course you have performance enhancing and boosts such as lightspeed web server and technology with caching and the ability and to select from seven server locations and since and hostinger is available in almost every and continent and and you want to keep in mind that of and course you won’t be getting cloud fair and cdn with the starter woocommerce pack and you won’t be getting a dedicated ip and address and no wordpress staging tool.

This is why I recommend going with the woocommerce premium plan if you’re going to start out or if you just want daily backups instead of weekly backups this is definitely a very important feature that you want to keep in mind and you don’t want to lose your data and daily backups are very important and especially if you’re running an online and store so that’s pretty much it for this hopefully you guys learned a thing and or two about host singer’s woocommerce and plans and if you guys are looking for a high and storage resources and great bandwidth and limits low prices starting at and nearly 199 here and you can even get it and even cheaper if you click the link in and the description down below and you have and nearly 100 uptime with nearly no outages and really good uptime overall even though and they and uh you know can go a little bit lower and than usual sometimes here with the 99.7 and but still you’re doing very well going and with hostinger.



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