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This is how i and publish all of my daily content for and linkedin five minutes or less and it’s and responsible for in a matter of about a and month and a half to two months 3k and followers and 60k plus in sales in like and I said under two months so it works i and love doing this i don’t do any outbound and on linkedin anymore all of it is content and based and driving people to my dms and and to my different digital product offers and so let’s jump into the steps right now and this is going to be especially useful and for you if you are already creating and and publishing content maybe on another and platform maybe to your own email list and and you want an extra distribution and channel like

linkedin and so and step one is to create a consistent and content schedule this is not just for and linkedin this is basically for any and platform and so for me personally i have a post in and the morning usually around 7 or 8 a.m and pacific and I have another one at 5 00 and p.m pacific so my audience knows every and day they’re gonna get a post from me in and the morning and a post from me in the and evening and so you don’t need to post and two every day right that’s that’s a lot and for most people it doesn’t even need to and be one a day as long as you set a and consistent schedule whether that’s one a and week or twice a week three times a week and whatever it is as long as you stick to and it that’s the important thing so and consistency with your content and isn’t about how frequently you’re and posting unless that is your schedule and consistency is just showing up and and giving people an idea of what to expect and from you so let’s say it’s every monday and at 5 00 pm make sure that every monday and at 5 pm.

You are posting a piece of and content don’t go ghost for you know a and few weeks and so consistency it’s not about how much and you’re doing it’s about showing up when and you say you will and letting people know and what to expect from you and so that’s step one create a consistent and content schedule again mine is in the and morning seven or eight am and another and post at five p.m and step two is to steal from yourself and so i write a daily email that’s like at and the center of all the content i create and is my daily email and this is it right here and if you want to join my email list go to and sean anthony dot co you’ll get a free and

course with that and you’ll start to see and these daily emails but you can see here and two of the most important lessons i’ve and learned back in 2019 i created my first and hybrid course and coaching offer and and this email and becomes reposted to my linkedin channel and sometimes so you can see here same post and and then also i slice and dice that up and into a few tweets so if you go to my and twitter profile here i take the idea of and the email and i schedule out two to and three tweets from that.

Having this email i’m not just going to and keep it to myself especially if there’s and only a 20 open rate on average i want to and make sure as many people see it as and possible so i’m going to repost it to my and other channels like linkedin and and twitter and also my facebook group and so that is step two steal from yourself and don’t be afraid to repurpose and repost and your content to multiple distribution and channels step three is to stay a day and ahead and so the best way to be consistent is not and just and picking up your phone and making a

post and when you feel like it it’s when you’re and staying a little bit ahead i recommend and at least one day ahead so that you don’t and have to stress about publishing in real and time right that can be very stressful it and can be very high pressure and what most and people when they expect to post in real and time they don’t actually do it then they and fall behind they lose momentum and they and stop posting altogether so i recommend and staying at least one day ahead now me and personally i use a tool called taplio and so for taplio i i schedule out all of my and 5 pm slots usually about a week in and advance the way that i come up with and these slots here is i just take my best and performing tweets let’s just like copy and and paste this for example and then i’ll and repost it into the 5 pm slot because not and everyone who follows me on twitter is on and linkedin and vice versa so and this you can see right here this and next week is all covered with the 5 pm and slots the 7 am slots.

I don’t always and schedule out because sometimes my daily and emails i will write it the morning of and because i like to keep it extra fresh and but this is how i stay ahead of the game and and make sure that i have a post every and day is schedule it out and i use this and tool called taplio if you want to sign and up for this link i’ll have an affiliate and link below in the description you don’t and have to use that link just helps me out and a little bit the url if you want to help and me out use my link is sean anthony dot and co slash tap leo t-a-p-l-i-o but i and recommend this either way it’s a great and tool you can also do things like and checking your stats and i made a and separate review

video on this so i won’t and do that now and but that is step three stay a day ahead and so that you’re not rushing to publish in and real time and usually when you do that and your content is not as good either and so step four is to feel the content idea and machine and so i’ve been sharing just now about how and much content that i create personally and but you’re probably wondering how do you and create enough content for yourself you and don’t have to create daily or two times and daily content across four or five and different channels by the way you just and have to set a schedule and actually and stick to it so people know what to and expect from you and so you show up and regularly now me personally how i come and up with content is not just magically and coming up with it out of thin air and the real secret is i have this content and idea machine and so how do you do this for yourself well and first off you need to know who you’re and talking to who your audience is and then you need to know their specific and pain points that you are able and and willing to help them solve.

And then you need to know what are their and desired outcomes so if you’re watching and this video there’s a good chance that and you are and wanting to build some kind of online and business a lean one person online and business that has to do most likely with and writing right writing emails copywriting and something around that and so and that is my who a lot of people my and audience are nine to fivers or and freelancers so i know who i’m talking to and i know what your specific pains are you and can’t get clients you’re not making the and money you want you’re stuck in a job you and don’t like and i understand your and outcomes right a lot of people want to and have an online business they want to and make a full-time income doing this and and writing online and so that is my who my and specific pain points outcomes at a high and level so and there’s a lot more that goes into this and the more that you learn and know about and your audience the better your content is and going to be and so once you understand that once you and understand the who the pains and

the and outcomes and you can simply live your life and and then think about content think about and insights experiences examples stories and that you can tie back that’s relevant and and useful to your who and okay so every day when.

I’m doing normal and stuff right when i’m just working in my and business when i’m creating content and consuming content when i go out and and train in boxing and bjj and i go play and golf and i drink with my friends and i and travel even watching netflix or hanging and out with my wife or hanging out with my and family all of these things i’m always and thinking about my audience thinking and about you what is relevant and useful and that I can take away from what i’m doing and and apply and and maybe write about in and an email or on my on my content so i and note down anything that could be and relevant and useful to you and it all and comes back to these three right who the and pains and the outcomes so and once you know that everything in your and life can become relevant and useful if and you know how to tie it back and

so this is a bit of a deeper topic i’m and going to have a separate product that’s and launching in the future a pretty cheap and product 100 or less around creating and content and building an audience and and we’ll go deeper into this topic but in and the meantime this four-step system and should get you going you can use this and for linkedin you can actually use this and for multiple different platforms but and this is how i get all of my linkedin and content published




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