15+ Best OBS Plugins You Should Use in 2023

**Best OBS Plugins to Enhance Your Streaming Experience**

Are you looking to take your streaming and recording experience to the next level? Look no further than OBS, also known as Open Broadcaster Software. This customizable and valuable streaming and recording software is perfect for content creators who want to add a professional touch to their videos.

In this article, we will explore the top OBS plugins that can enhance the functionality and production quality of your streams. These plugins offer a wide range of features, from visual enhancements to audio improvements and even webcam enhancements. So, let’s dive into the 15+ best OBS plugins you should install in 2023.

**Best Visual Plugins for OBS**

1. **Se.Live by StreamElements**

The first plugin on our list is Se.Live by StreamElements. This powerful plugin, formerly known as Obs.Live, is designed specifically for game streamers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. It comes with a multitude of interactive features, including a replay option, live chat, customized alerts, media requests, activity feed, and a custom chatbot. With low CPU usage and free accessibility, this plugin is a must-have for all OBS Studio users.

2. **Move Transition**

If you love animated sources in your stream, the Move Transition plugin is a game-changer. Available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, this transition plugin allows you to move texts, images, and any other source wherever you want on your OBS screen. Additionally, it offers zoom, fade, and multiple animation options, giving your stream a professional touch.

3. **Aitum Vertical**

For content creators who want to save time on editing their streams for platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts, the Aitum Vertical plugin is a lifesaver. This plugin enables you to directly use the vertical view, eliminating the need for separate editing. Simply adjust the scenes before you start streaming, and you can even stream on Instagram vertically using this amazing plugin.

4. **StreamFX**

When it comes to adding visual effects and enhancements to your stream, the StreamFX plugin is a top choice. Whether you want to blur sources, create 3D effects, apply color-grade effects, or create manual image masks, shaders, and textures, StreamFX can do it all. This paid plugin is worth the investment, as it allows you to take your stream to the next level visually.

5. **Freezefilter for OBS**

Capturing the right moments in OBS can be challenging, but the Freezefilter plugin makes it easier than ever. With this plugin, you can instantly freeze your OBS screen, enabling you to take screenshots, create specific frames, or use the freeze effect as a fun and engaging moment in your stream. Add some laughs and excitement to your content with this handy plugin.

6. **OWN3D Pro**

Similar to Se.Live, OWN3D Pro is a powerful plugin that offers additional overlays for OBS. By installing this plugin, you gain direct access to your latest Twitch followers, subscribers, donations, and chat box within your stream. Along with these features, OWN3D Pro also provides premium-quality music, overlays, and Twitch alert boxes, making it a complete package for OBS users.

**Best Audio Plugins for OBS**

1. **ReaPlugs VST FX Suite**

Enhancing your microphone audio quality is crucial for streaming or content creation. The ReaPlugs VST FX Suite is a collection of plugins that can greatly improve your microphone audio in OBS. With options for gain, pitch, and various audio modulation settings, this free plugin solves many common mic issues and optimizes your audio for a professional sound.

2. **Tuna**

If you want to showcase your favorite songs on your Twitch or YouTube stream, Tuna is the plugin for you. With Tuna, you can integrate your now-playing music into your stream seamlessly. It automatically displays the song information and even comes with a music progress bar, adding an extra layer of engagement to your content.

3. **MCompressor Plugin**

For vocal streamers, such as those specializing in ASMR or music, the MCompressor Plugin is a game-changer. This compressor plugin allows you to control the high and low ends of audio, eliminating excessive noise or unwanted sounds. By using this plugin, you can significantly enhance the audio quality of your streams.

**Best Webcam Plugins for OBS**

1. **Face Tracker**

If you want to add an interactive element to your stream, the Face Tracker plugin is a must-have. This plugin utilizes the face track feature found in RTX graphics cards, allowing your camera focus to follow your movements. You can even add elements that move with your face, adding a fun and engaging aspect to your streams.

2. **Background Removal (Virtual Green Screen)**

While not as accurate as an actual green screen, the Background Removal plugin is a cost-effective solution. This plugin removes the background from your webcam feed, allowing you to customize it to your preference. Whether you have a messy background or want to minimize interruptions during your streams, this plugin has got you covered. It also enhances the webcam feed quality in low-light situations.

3. **DroidCam (Use Phone as Camera in OBS)**

If you’re looking for an alternative to a dedicated webcam, consider using your Android phone or iPhone with the DroidCam plugin. By installing the Droidcam app and pairing it with the OBS plugin, you can easily use your phone as your new webcam. This solution not only saves you money but also offers flexibility and convenience.

**Additional Plugins for OBS**

1. **OBS Websocket Plugin (Stream Deck Alternative)**

For streamers who want more control over their streams, the OBS Websocket plugin is a perfect companion. This plugin allows you to control various aspects of your stream through customizable triggers, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. With the ability to connect your OBS to different devices and use them as remotes, this plugin is a valuable addition for advanced users.

2. **Closed Caption Plugin**

Engaging with viewers is essential, and the Closed Caption plugin helps you achieve just that. While Twitch already has a closed caption feature, it may not be accurate or work on mobile devices. This Google speech-enabled closed captioning plugin in OBS delivers accurate and engaging closed captions, ensuring that all viewers can follow along, even if they watch the stream on mute or have hearing impairments.

3. **OBS NDI Plugin**

If you’re on a budget and in need of a capture card alternative, the OBS NDI plugin is worth considering. This plugin allows you to connect your mobile device to OBS on a PC using your local network. While there may be a slight delay or lag depending on the network quality, this plugin offers a cost-effective solution for capturing high-quality video.

4. **Input Overlay**

For gamers who want to showcase their skills or add a visual indicator to their streams, the Input Overlay plugin is ideal. This plugin displays a visual indicator of the buttons you press on your keyboard, highlighting your gaming prowess and adding an extra layer of engagement for your viewers.


With the right OBS plugins, you can elevate your streaming and recording experience to new heights. Whether it’s visual enhancements, audio improvements, or webcam enhancements, these plugins offer a wide range of functionalities to enhance the production quality of your streams. Install these must-have plugins, and watch your content stand out from the competition.